Parliamentary election Luxembourg

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The second-smallest country in the EU will elect a new government on October 8th. However, much could remain the same in the Grand Duchy even after the upcoming parliamentary election. The liberal Xavier Bettel has been the Prime Minister for nine and a half years. If it’s up to the 50-year-old, he will continue to govern in the current coalition of liberals, social democrats, and greens, which, according to recent polls, he could succeed in doing. After the election in October 2018, there was a second edition of the alliance under Bettel’s leadership. The three parties secured a narrow majority with 31 out of 60 seats. The Christian Social People’s Party (CSV) became the strongest party again with 21 seats, but, as was the case after the 2013 autumn election, they could not find a coalition partner. Voting is mandatory for eligible voters among the approximately 660,000 residents, so the turnout is typically around 90 percent.