German Federal Elections 2021

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On September 26, 2021, the Bundestag will be re-elected. For this purpose, dpa offers a package with several data graphics (widgets) that are continuously updated before during and after the election. This package will be extended by September to include more “constituency analysis” content (strongholds, top constituencies, etc.) – we are working on this.


Ordering: From now on via the shopping cart.

Release: You can use the new widget with the polling history for the Sunday poll immediately if you book the package early and thus already give your users a look at the political mood in Germany.

From July 1, 2021, all other widgets will be usable. Until election day, some widgets will contain polling data instead of results data. After the election begins, the widgets will switch to forecasts, projections, or results.
The electoral district map is shown here in the preview filled with test data. When the election is actually held, the map remains empty (see constituency map without test data) and only changes color on the evening of the election with the first constituency results published by the Federal Election Commissioner.

Preview: Previews for the widgets can be selected via the drop-down menu.


Embedding is done via an embed code. Following the order or by clicking on “embed code” you will be taken to a setup page where the widgets can be customized and the codes configured.


Explanations about this and the other options can be found on our help pages: